zFlex Integrator for TDS

zFlex Integrator for TDS is a simple, easy-to-use Tivoli and Security Directory Server (TDS/SDS) Management, Administration and Monitoring Tool that aids the TDS/SDS Administrator and Help Desk Technicians with their every day tasks. With a centralized and simple GUI.

zFlex Integrator software handles a variety of functions such as Bulk Management of User accounts, delegates Role-based access to Help Desk Technicians, and generates an generous list of TDS Reports. This product also offers the power of Realtime Monitoing of TDS and gives a Quick Performance view of the Directory Server's response time and RDBM I/O wait performance.


zFlex Product Information

Categories: Application

Url: www.zflexldapadministrator.com

Type App: Desktop and Web


            Profile Display for USER IDs

            Easy Password Reset

            Add New User Features

            Create New Group Features

            Membership & Group Management

            Built in LDAP Monitor for Backend Stats

            Realtime Client Connections Display

            Directory ResponseTime Viewing

            Remote Audit Log Viewing for SDS/TDS

            Dynamic Attribute and Objectclass Management


About zFlex Software

zFlex Software have over of 25 years experience working with the IT field.  Over 15 years working directly with IBM products and projects in Enterprise System Environments.  We focus on IBM product installation, Infrastructure Setup and Solution Design in the Mainframe (z/OS), Linux, Solaris and Window platforms.   Knowledge of these various platforms makes our consulting very flexible for Integration tasks around these various platforms, enabling zFlex to meet your business needs.

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