Installations and Upgrades Services

Installations and Upgrades Services

"For Key MiddleWare Service Needs"

TDS or SDS (Security Directory Server) or TDI (Tivoli Directory Integrator)/SDI or Websphere Integration with LDAP - We can help!

As specialists in the Tivoli and Security arena, built on years of hands-on contracting & consulting experience, zFlex Software is well equipped to deliver a high quality end-to-end consulting services involving the following technologies:

  • Tivoli Directory Server Infrastructure Review
  • Quickstart Setup for TDS/SDS
  • Customization and Setup of TDS/SDS Schema Directory Tree
  • Upgrade Services for TDS to SDS
  • Data Migration From Platform to Platform
  • Consultation on TDI (Tivoli Directory Integrator) Migrations
  • TIBCO Integration with LDAP/TDS/SDS

About zFlex Software

zFlex Software have over of 25 years experience working with the IT field.  Over 15 years working directly with IBM products and projects in Enterprise System Environments.  We focus on IBM product installation, Infrastructure Setup and Solution Design in the Mainframe (z/OS), Linux, Solaris and Window platforms.   Knowledge of these various platforms makes our consulting very flexible for Integration tasks around these various platforms, enabling zFlex to meet your business needs.

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