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Need an online LDAP directory server?  Well, here you go.  Just plug in the required parameters for the context, IP, port, login....and you are off to browse LDAP. Don't bother with trying to setup the IBM GSKit and DB2 binaries just to test your app.  It's already done.  Plug up and become productive now.

We also can support your LDAP or house your user entries in our Online Cloud Directory server at little or no cost to you!  Again we do all the setup and support for the infrastructure.

Please Donate $2.00 (optional) for development and support of your FREE LDAP!!

LDAP Server Connection Info:

Server: www.zflexldap.com 
Port: 389

Bind DN: cn=ro_admin,ou=sysadmins,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com
Bind Password: zflexpass

If you have needs that requires updating the attributes and adding more, then you need to register and obtain a special access ID - with elevated privileges.  A special OU will be setup for your organization.

Recommend trying out our zFlex LDAP Browser to view the TDS Directory Tree to find other users.

Other Users IDs and their passwords are:

  • uid=guest1,ou=users,ou=guests,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com
    • guest1password
  • uid=guest2,ou=users,ou=guests,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com
    • guest2password
  • uid=guest3,ou=users,ou=guests,dc=zflexsoftware,dc=com
    • guest3password

Each user (and others) have CN,SN, GivenName, EmployeeType and email to form a fully qualified LDAP Entry.

Please Donate a Coke (optional) for development and support of your FREE LDAP!!


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zFlex Software have over of 25 years experience working with the IT field.  Over 15 years working directly with IBM products and projects in Enterprise System Environments.  We focus on IBM product installation, Infrastructure Setup and Solution Design in the Mainframe (z/OS), Linux, Solaris and Window platforms.   Knowledge of these various platforms makes our consulting very flexible for Integration tasks around these various platforms, enabling zFlex to meet your business needs.

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