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When I worked for IBM over 25 years ago, it was the place to be with innovation out the "waszo".  All the craze at the time was BIG Mainframes and Virtualization of Hosted guest machines and processing power.  Today it seems that thousands of mini PC driven server farms has risen to the forefront.  And now are trying to clam they are the CLOUD!

Now provider even better support and overall access for your zFlex Integrator Product and Software Suite!!!

- Tony

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The zFlex Integrator V3 software now supplies the Auto Update functionality. This feature makes possible to distribute new features and keep the product up-to-date with changes. The Auto Update consists of Update Center and a client within zFlex Integrator. The update process can be manually triggered form the Help menu on the toolbar.  The Update option  (commonly on some web server) offers an set of updates and the Auto-update client connects to your server and pull any changes/updates/patches down and allows an user to install them and to also restart the zFlex Integrator application for you.


zFlex Integrator Auto Update
zFlex V3 Auto Update Menu

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Yet again, same product - new name!  IBM is once again going through it's renaming ritual.  The product "formally known" as Tivoli Directory Server is now called Security Directory Server.  What's in a name - marketing as usual.  Tivoli was another company that IBM swallowed up.  Tivoli was originally form by - hold on - yes former IBMers that left the company.  So it was IBM Tivoli Directory Server and now is called IBM Security Directory Server (all the same - a directory based on OpenLDAP standards).

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zFlex Software have over of 25 years experience working with the IT field.  Over 15 years working directly with IBM products and projects in Enterprise System Environments.  We focus on IBM product installation, Infrastructure Setup and Solution Design in the Mainframe (z/OS), Linux, Solaris and Window platforms.   Knowledge of these various platforms makes our consulting very flexible for Integration tasks around these various platforms, enabling zFlex to meet your business needs.

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