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Application of SDS Fix Patches

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 SDS/TDS Fix Patches:

This will be very simple and concise.   If you work with TDS or SDS (Security Directory Server) - from time to time you NEED to apply the latest fixes and patches from IBM.  To do this is simple.  Just following the 1-2-3 process below:


Step 1:

Goto the IBM support website and search for your version of SDS/TDS and get the latest /recommended fixes - download them.  Yes you need to have appropriate access via a login ID.

Fix will look like this (example):

Step #2:

After you have downloaded the fix patch code, you will need to place in some accessable folder and unzip.

Then enter into the resulting folder - generally the same as the zip file name.

Step #3:

Now the last process step is the execute the install of the patch.  The program called idsinstall is used to do this.  Example of the format is as follows:

==> ./idsinstall -u -f

* You must be in the directory where the fixpatch is located.


IBM Security Directory Server license Agreement has already been accepted and is in /opt/ibm/ldap/V6.4/license

Force installing the following update packages:










ALL Packages were installed successfully!

*see the log file: /tmp/idsinstall_07-10-16-08-20-26.log  for more details


There are other "operational" attributes which can be displayed with using "(*)" "+" symbols at the end of the ldapsearch command.  We go into more details in our white paper on the numSubordinates parameter.  You can download it here.


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