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TDI AMC (Administration Management Console) Start Issue

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IBM has this product called TDI (Tivoli Directory Integrator) now name SDI (Security Directory Integrator).  Some in the system integration area maybe familiar with this product.  But there is an addon called AMC (Administration and Management Console).  It is used to manage the TDI(s).  So you have installed AMC and then couldn't get the task started on Linux.  This may help.


I received this error below when I updated my current TDI installation and "added" the AMC as a feature.  Apparently that add didn't change or update all the appropriate files need to execute the AMC.  My install was for V7.1.1  (the prior was V7.1). 

The start script for AMC is called "".  When executed I would get the following simple message:

==> Incorrect TDI_ISC_HOME (/opt/IBM/TDI/V7.1/lwi)


To fix.

1) Find the location of the "" config file (maybe in the bin directory)

2) Edit the file and look for  (TDI_ISC_HOME) and update the value to the actual location of the lwi  (mine was here : /opt/IBM/TDI/V7.1.1/lwi)

3) Restart the AMC start script (  It should start and resolve this issue.


4) Use URL to get to Browser based console ==> http://hostname:13101/ibm/console 

The application used for the AMC (Administrative Management Console) used with TDI looks like this using the default url and port.

 TDI AMC Console

Screen showing the Welcome page of the AMC.

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